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Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has smoked marijuana live on the web during a podcast with comedian Joe Rogan.Mr Rogan offered his guest the drug, which is legal in California, as the pair discussed tech innovation and the public's perception of Mr Musk.

"I mean, it's legal, right?" asked the Tesla founder, before taking a drag on the joint.Tesla shares fell more than nine per cent following Mr Musk's appearance on the show.BBC business correspondent Kim Gittleson says the podcast appearance coupled with the departure of a key executive who blamed increasing public scrutiny of the company for his decision to leave has shaken investor confidence in Tesla.

Last month, Mr Musk said he was not "on weed" when he tweeted about plans to make the electric car company a private firm.The business leader made the comments in an interview with the New York Times.

He told the news paper  he works "120-hour weeks" and takes sedatives.His controversial plans regarding Tesla's ownership were dropped about two weeks later, following outrage from some investors.


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